Thursday, May 13, 2021

How to Play Glover on Windows 10 (PC)

Today I show you how to get Glover to run on Windows 10.  Its a very complicated game to run but I get it to play near perfect or near enough to where people want to play the game.  Of course there is still some snags and that is mentioned in the video.  I also show a bit of a walkthrough for the first level when all is said and done for getting this game to run

Config file fix is available at Sky Chases website if you don't care to create a batch file to watch the videos or hear CDDA audio you can also grab the data folder as well as the no cd patched glover.exe file contained in the same download:

dgvoodoo2 is available at:

JoytoKey is available at: - make sure to put joysticks at 50% Deadzone this was not mentioned in the video.

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