Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dolphin Blue, Atomiswave port for Sega Dreamcast (Gameplay Pt.2 of 2)

This is the final part of my video for Dolphin Blue, Atomiswave port for Dreamcast..  No this is not using emulation this is a port from an actual Atomiswave devkit.  This video shows you how to run the game as well a complete playthrough of the game in two parts.  The game is using a widescreen hack which you can find with a download of the game.

Make sure when using an SD Card to format it at Fat32 with 32k cluster.  The settings for Dolphin Blue may not work for others.  You can grab more information at the Dreamcast Talk Forum:​.  Do note that some settings may work differently per card and look at other posts rather then the information giving in the top header post.

Retrodream:​ (The DS Folder and DS_CORE.bin can be found here)

Dreamshell:​ (Only needed for the CDI file to boot from SD)

DragonCity "V2" RetroDream Pack w. Loader Package:​ use the DragonCity "V2" RetroDream Pack mentioned at the link (This is essentially the complete DS and DS_CORE.bin RetroDream Pack but includes most recent Loaders. The Retrodream link from above isn't really needed unless you want to be more hands on.  However the CDI file is still needed from the Dreamshell link)

Brooks Wingman SD:​

Check out Ian Micheal's channel for many of the work he's done as well as videos on other gaming projects.

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