Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fast Start-Up and Hybrid Sleep Lock Ups or BSOD Fix (Win 10)

Well when I first got this PC a few years ago it doesn't come out of the box with support for Windows 10.  Lots of drivers etc... are a tad old.  But you can still get the machine to run better with disabling two features that caused problems at least for me and maybe you.  My board is the Gigabyte z77x-ud5h which had support to Windows 8.  There has been a few bios updates which are in beta and I believe at this point you won't see anymore support for this board.  At least from what I know is the beta updates have caused a few issues for me.  One being that my PCI-E x1 slots when used would bug up one of my sata ports. 

I have since used the last stable bios update which was made before the release of Windows 10.  Well so far it works and others might experience different issues or success.  Since this I have I tried one of the PCI-E x1 ports and it so far has been working well for over a month.  I haven't tested the other port and that could either be a bugged port or once again maybe do to the beta bios update.

Anyways once you get your machine booted in Windows 10 get those drivers all installed and ready so the machine can properly operate with great success.  Next there is two features that don't run well for me at least on this board and it could be any board that has minimum support for Windows 10 that including mine. 

As far as I know fast startup causes issues for me with either lock ups or bsod's.  Considering the bios already has the feature built-in it could be causing conflicts so if you want you can disable fast startup with in Windows 10 and use your bios for that feature.  To me its some what pointless cause for mechanical drives you might see a small increase for start-up which will probably not be noticeable at all.

For SSD's you'll get a faster start-up which may or may not be noticeable do to the already given ability to be much faster then a mechanical drive.  So at least for me I have seen a small increase but at the same time its given me lock ups and BSOD's so its probably good to just keep it disabled.

To disable Fast Startup

Press and hold the Windows key and press "R"

A new window will open and in there type "control panel"

Press enter and control panel will open in that window click "view by" and choose small icons and after select "Power Options"

Select either "Balanced" or "High Performance".  High Performance I recommend for anyone who has a good gaming PC. 

Next to the left you'll see "change what the power buttons do" click on that and then a new window will open.

Click on "change settings that are currently unavailable" and after that you'll be given the option to uncheck the settings below.  Just uncheck "fast startup"then click "save changes" and things should be good to go.

Next is another feature for at least me has caused problems and that is hybrid sleep.  With this feature it allows your current state to save to memory.  The need for this is that if your computer loses power at any point in sleep it will save to memory so that you can power on your pc and it will boot up where you left off.  Its a great feature however at least for me and maybe others it could cause a bsod or lock up.

To disable hybrid sleep:

Press and hold the Windows key and press "R"

A new window will open and in there type "control panel"

Press enter and control panel will open in there click "view by" and choose small icons and after select "Power Options"

Power Options will open again and to the right of "balanced" and "high performance" there is a "change plan settings" click on that.

Next up click on "change advanced power settings" and scroll until you find "sleep" and click on it.  Under it you should find the hybrid sleep feature.  Click on that and click off and you should be good to go.

Now as far as it has gone for me I haven't had any bsod's or lock ups since.  I did once with the hybrid sleep disabled but it hasn't happened since and I guess I'll have to wait it out but hopefully this will help you out and prevents anymore issues in the future.

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