Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fury 3 Fix (Win10)

Well I'm pretty sure I had already done this before but today I found that my guide to installing Fury 3 isn't available.  Perhaps I deleted it by mistake or perhaps I was working on it and I didn't like it.  So here is how to get Fury 3 to work on Windows 10.  Perhaps this will work with other versions of Windows.  I have tested this so far with Windows 8 and Windows 10 and had no problems. 

There is other guides on the internet but they don't have the fix to have this working on Windows 8 and perhaps the same issue happens with Windows 10.  There is still one issue that possibly can be fixed but isn't in this guide and that is being able to use the "help" feature.  Help used to be built into Windows but in later versions it was removed and by doing that it breaks it for older games.

Anyways this fix is superbly easy if you know how to install a virtual system using Windows XP using Virtualbox or VMware Player.  If you don't know how to set it up you need to find a guide on the internet and after that come back here.  For this setup I'll be using Virtualbox.

After installing your virtual emulator you'll want to be able to share your main system hard drive with the emulator for easy drop and drag.  For Virtualbox its quite simple just open Virtualbox, right click on Windows XP that you just installed and go to settings.  From there go to shared folders and you can share a whole drive or even just a specific folder and I guess for this you may just want to make a Fury 3 folder on your C: or any drive you like.  From within Virtualbox add the folder from "Shared Folders" and now you'll have access to the folder for easy dropping and dragging and don't forget to click "Auto Mount".

Once you have done this you will now be able to access that hard drive within your emulated Windows XP on Virtualbox.  When accessing the drive from the emulator just go to "My Computer".  The drives may show there with your emulated "C:" drive in the lower window as a network drive.  If it isn't there just click on "Network Places".  Within there you'll see your non emulated drives under different letters but should also give you the letters and name of the folder with in those shared drives.

Next up is the simple part.  Go to install Fury 3 on your emulated drive.  Once complete just drop and drag to your shared drive where you made the Fury 3 folder.  Once that is done we no longer need the virtual emulator.

This may work out of the box for Windows 7 and lower but for Windows 8 and 10 you'll probably have to edit a file to get it working perfectly.  So go to where you have the game installed and look for the SYSTEM folder. For me I put it on my D: drive so its located at D:\FURY3\SYSTEM.

Now look for the Fury3.ini file and open it with notepad or another text editor.  Scroll down until you see the following line which will look identical but where I have "?" there should be a driver letter.


Now you may see drive letters which were associated with the emulated Windows XP.  We want to associate your installation with your current version of Windows.  So associate your CDROMPath= to your CD/DVD/Blu Ray drive letter.  For me mine was drive F:.  Next you want to associate where you have Fury 3 installed.  Again for me mine was drive D:.  So after that is done it should look like this but again your letters will be different depending on your setup.


After that is done just click save and exit out of there.  Now open the game and you shouldn't have any errors and be able to play the game perfectly of course without the help feature.  I hope you enjoy playing this hidden gem its a part of my childhood and I'm glad I was able to play it again.

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