Thursday, January 18, 2018

Windows 10 Start Menu Flickering Fix

If you have the problem displayed in the video which was created by Danila Syrtsov there is a simple fix.  We are going to want to make a cool batch file which we can open that restarts the explorer.  Do note that restarting the explorer can close some open file explorers when you open the batch file and may interrupt copying, moving and deleting files.  Okay so all were going to want to do is open note pad and copy the following.

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
Start explorer.exe

Then all we want to do is save the file as explorer.bat but make sure before doing so that "all files" is selected at the bottom cause if you don't it will probably save as restart explorer.bat.txt and we don't want that.  Make sure to save to desktop for easy access.

Okay so once that is complete make sure you aren't doing any work and give that batch file a test.  You will see the screen go completely blank and then restart itself.  I want to thank my friend Chris Fleet for giving me this idea.  Its easy to open the task manager and close it but the batch file makes it even easier and more helpful.  Now that you have this cool little tool you can fix the start menu from flickering.

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