Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gameplay: Guilty Gear X (Dreamcast)

In this Gameplay I show you Guilty Gear X for the Sega Dreamcast.   This game was only released in Japan for the Sega Dreamcast.  In order for anybody to play the game in North America you could play it on the PS2 but there is nothing better then playing it on a system that was meant to play Arcade games.

The Dreamcast version came with a special mini disk with two bitmap wallpapers and one audio track.  To me the mini disk idea was kind of dumb cause the GD-Rom could play CDDA files no problem (though they didn't implement it) and other games included bitmap wallpapers right on the GD-Rom.  However the mini disk did look interesting to collectors including myself they were just rather useless.

*You do not need to understand Japanese to play this game.  The Japanese language only appears after each battle.

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