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How to play Wipeout XL on the latest versions of Windows (PC)

There is a lot of old titles that are hard to install on the latest versions of Windows mostly cause the games were encrypted to only run on x32 systems and now a days most computers are running on x64 systems.  Well here is another game Wipeout XL which is an amazing game and I figured out how to get this game to work with little to no hassle.  THERE IS ALSO A FIX FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE WHICH I WOULD SUGGEST CAUSE ITS A LOT EASIER.  THE FIX WILL ALSO WORK WITH WIPEOUT 2097 WHICH THIS GUIDE DOES NOT.

Lets begin the steps to get this amazing game to run on your current Windows operating system.

First your going to need Virtualbox and a x32 Windows operating system installed on it preferably Windows XP.  You then have to right click on the operating system and go to settings then shared folders. Click the + sign as seen in the screenshot below then select your local hard drive and select Auto Mount.  Do not select read only or you will be unable to write to it.

Once that is complete run the operating system and install the game to the designated C:program files\wipeout XL\ folder.  It won't matter where you install cause it has to be moved to your Local hard drive on your current OS.

Now in Virtualbox your hard drive that you mounted maybe a different letter and will probably look different then a local hard drive as pictured below.  My Local hard drive is Drive "C" but on Virtualbox it is mounted as F:.  But the wording obviously is fairly simple to understand "C_drive on 'vboxsrv' (F:)".

So go to the Local Disk (C:) where you installed the game on Virtualbox and drag over all the files with in the Wipeout XL folder and right click and copy. That is right do not copy the Wipeout XL folder just the files with in. Next go to C_drive on 'vboxsrv' (F:) and make a new folder called Wobble and in that folder paste all the files as shown in the screen shot below.  If you don't you may get an error like this "C:\Wobble\BLITSURF and so on missing files".

(Click the image to enlarge)

The next step you'll need to download a no cd crack I'm not going to tell you where to get one but the file should be identical to the wipeout2.exe file.  The reason we are doing this is the CD won't read. Just copy and paste over the original wipeout2.exe and if done correctly the file should open as seen in the screenshot below.

You may have to set some compatibility settings for the game but if the game runs fine then skip this. For those who couldn't get the game to run just right click on wipeout2.exe go to properties then go to compatibility and click "run as administrator" and choose Windows 95 as the OS.  

Alright so the next step is selecting your resolution and after that hit play and your ready to go.  You should see the following loading screen.

Well if you followed the tutorial as shown you should be able to play the game no problem.  I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and I hope to have another one for you soon.

UPDATE: This may or may not work for you and if it doesn't you should visit  However their method of getting the game to run at 30 FPS might be a tad difficult but you'll be able to get Wipeout XL and Wipeout 2097 to work.  An easier frame rate fix is to get MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner and use the Frame Limiter and set it to 30fps.  You can get MSI Afterburner from which will come with Riva Tuner.

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  1. Awesome, works perfectly! You should reword this a bit differently because at first it seemed like I was going to run Wipeout XL on Virtualbox, but it's really just installing it to your PC's hard drive through Virtualbox then running the game directly on your system without having Virtualbox running. As an addendum, if you want to have the music play, you'll need either a Wipeout XL disc inserted into drive D:, or a disc image of the game mounted to drive D:, which might require you to change the letter of your disc drive if it's already assigned as D:. Also, modern joypads will not work as it'll register that the acceleration button is being held when it's not. As a workaround, use a joystick to keyboard mapper such as JoyToKey to assign keyboard keys to joypad controls. This will only work if Compatibility Mode is disabled. You won't have smooth directional control with an analog stick as it'll be mapped to keys which are only on and off, but it's not that bad. Have fun! ;)


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