Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dreamcast died :(

Well my Dreamcast died last night after playing Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver.  Before anybody gets sad or think its funny I got another one :).  Of course sometime in the future i may run into some more trouble and i really need to be able to have extra consoles incase any of my systems fail.  I would also like to get more games so i can review them.  At this moment the only thing I am looking for which involves a bit of money is a VGA Adapter Box which will cost close to 60 dollars or more and that is including shipping.  If you like what I do and care to help please click the donate button at the right side of the screen and that will help go towards my endeavors.

Thanks for your support and i do hope you enjoy the show I will be in the works of a new episode shortly lately I haven't been feeling to well and that is getting worked on.



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