Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet The Genx Cardtroller : Bluetooth Game controller

Well somebody has done the impossible and I think this is bloody amazing never heard of anything like this before.  Okay so I guess you want to know what it is.  Well believe it or not its a cardtroller. If of course you still don't understand its a controller that looks like a credit card.  The cardtroller connects via Bluetooth connection.  The controller is compatible with Tablets, Mobile, and computers.

Of course the cardtroller has other features which include 64gb flash memory to put your games on so when your on the go your ready to go.  You can use a Micro USB cable to charge it up however I'm unsure if you can use it for a direct connection rather then using Bluetooth. Of course right now this is on Indiegogo so the creator needs some of your cash to mass produce it.  Lets make this happen visit the following link to make your pledge.

Cardtroller Indiegogo:

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