Sunday, January 20, 2019

Glover short vid (Windows 10)

I usually have a fix for games and today I was able to fix Glover for Windows 10.  Piko Interactive in the future may re-release this game.  I had used patches by Andy (Skychase)  I had to use the original glover.exe file and do some other fixes to get it to run.  There maybe a new patch in the future that will totally solve the problems this game has.  For now its at least playable.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Avermedia Recentral MP4 Playback Problems

I have tested captures using different software and all the MP4's playback fine. For some reason anything I capture from Avermedia Recentral has this problem. Sometimes they play fine and sometimes they don't. Just want to know if anybody else has had these problems and know what the solution is? I have converted the captured videos and they work fine but I want them to work out of the box.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Vegas Pro 14 Black Screen Fix (PC)

So today I decided to open up Magix Vegas Pro 14 and seen that I can't preview my work in the small screen in the upper right.  Yeah its black and for some reason won't display.  Found out it had something to do with the video driver and there is a simple fix that worked for me.

Anyways lets open up Vegas Pro 14 and select preferences under options.

Now click on the video tab

Now to the right of GPU acceleration of video processing select Off and restart

Now once you restart you'll notice you have the preview back. This will slow things down and for some the next step may or may not work so you can stick without having GPU acceleration or skip ahead and read the preview for another possible solution.  Anyways what we want to do next is open the preferences again go to video tab and select the video card again for GPU Acceleration.  For me the card will be the Geforce GTX 770 but for you it maybe different.

Click ok and restart. Now for most this may work and for those who couldn't get it to work try rolling back your drivers.  The issue maybe that installing new drivers will cause this problem so you might have to do this for each new driver installed.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

DCeric Shows Off: Sonic Adventure 2 10th Birthday Pack (Dreamcast)

Today I show you Sonic Adventure 2 10th Birthday Pack for the Sega Dreamcast only released in Japan.
You can grab this game and many other imports from Rodolfo on Facebook at

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sega GT Fix For Windows 10 (PC)

Here is a fix a lot of you are probably looking for.  The game has issues with sound on later versions of Windows so this fix may not just be for Windows 10 but anywhere from Windows Vista Up.  So I have found that all the sounds exist there might be a few that aren't like at the beginning of the race you can't hear the car revving up.  Also the main menu sound is all there however exiting from a race the main menu sound disappears.

So lets begin the tutorial:

So first up were going to want to install the game.  Make sure you install the game directly on the C: it may work in the program files x86 folder it may not so give it a try but I have it installed directly on the C:.

Once you have the game installed on your computer go to the folder and delete the two ".avi" files.  They aren't too important anyways its just the "Activision" logo video and then a Sega GT intro video.  If you want to watch them anyways you can rename the files and watch them with your favorite video player.

Okay well that's it for this tutorial the game should now be playable to its full content.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

How to Fix Stutters and Lag in Classic Codemasters Racing Games (PC)

Here is a fix for some classic Codemasters racing games including Grid, Grid 2 and others.  Do note that this isn't a fix for Dirt 1 that game has some odd issues for multiple core cpus.  If your having issues with slowdowns, stuttering and lag its not cause your computer sucks its cause of a feature in the games that needs to use the hard drive for replays.  So here is a really simple fix.  What were going to want to do is go to our C:\Programdata folder.  Then look for Codemasters and in there should be a few of your favorite racing games.

So I'm going to use this as an example but Grid should be in there.  So what were going to want to do is go to C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\GRID\DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay.  In there should be a file called replay.pbf.  Now what were going to want to do is right click on that and go to properties.  In there at the bottom check mark "read-only" and press OK.  Now all  your going to want to do to fix the other games in your collection is go to there \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder and do the same thing.

Now if you don't have a replay.pbf file in there all your going to want to do is open Notepad.  So once you opened up Notepad go to save as and open your \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder for whatever Codemasters game your doing.  Remember to click on "all files" and save the document as replay.pbf.  Go to the \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder you saved the file in and right click on it, go to properties and click on "read-only" then press OK.

Done now you don't have to worry about the stuttering, slow downs and lag.  Have fun playing your Codemasters racing classics.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Best Way To Install Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition with VMware Workstation Player (PC)

I had a few problems trying to get Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition to install on Virtual Box.  So instead what I used was VMware Workstation Player which is available for free from VMware Workstation Player.  Also it can be used for free if used for non commercial reasons so you can use it for many years without a license.

Okay so now for the next step were going to want to "create a new virtual machine" with disk 1 of 3 of the Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition.  Instead of selecting for easy install which might bug up the install were going to take the more advanced step and select "I will install the operating system later".  Of course doing this will allow us to install the operating system like we would on a normal computer.  I believe the easy install will detect the disk as Windows XP Pro like Virtual Box and use Disk 1 and the Service Pack 2 or 3 disks and not use Disk 2 which will have all the essential software.

So open the operating system up go for the install and set it up like you normally would and don't forget to use your special serial key.  I will not show you where to get a serial key you can do that on your own.

After you have the operating system installed you should now be able to boot it up like you used to having all the essential software including Media Center.  Also you'll need to activate the operating system using this hack available from this link How To Activate Windows XP.  After you have done so now you can use your Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition with no problems.