Thursday, October 2, 2014

World Gone Sour, Windows x64 fix (PC)

Well here is another game that needs to be fixed and I know it seems quite odd cause World Gone Sour was recently released in 2011.  Well even though some games will make you think they will work cause they were recently released there is a problem and that is that most games are x32.  The problem with some x32 bit games is they recommend you to manually disable multicores in order for the game to work cause if you didn't know already x32 works best with one core processors.

With all that being said World Gone Sour is one of those games that needs you to manually disable your cores.  So what you want to do is open the game and alt+tab out of your game.  Then press shift+esc and that will open Task Manager.  Then find the "Sour_ShippingWin32.exe" task and right click on it.

Then go to affinity and disable the last 5 cores only leaving the first.  Now you may have a Dual Core, Quad Core or Eight Core so for you guys you'll have to do the same just leave the first core enabled and disable the rest.

(UPDATE) You may also want to right click on the game in task manager again and go to Priority and select high.  This may make the game run faster.

There you go World Gone Sour is now fixed and the game shouldn't freeze and you should be able to beat the game.  Now I understand this game can be pretty cheap anywhere from 1 dollar to 5 dollars but I know that other games for that price are more playable then World Gone Sour.  The funny part of this is you wouldn't expect this from the publisher Capcom and I don't believe you'll get the support needed to fix the game so this is all you have.

You can get the game at this link:

(UPDATE): There is another easy method of setting it up so you don't have to keep opening taskmanager to set it manually.  You need to make a shortcut and right click on the shortcut and go to properties.  Once the properties has loaded paste the following text into the target.  Don't forget though you will probably have to change the location depending on where you have installed it.  For example I have mine installed on the D: drive so that is displayed below in the red.

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START "World Gone Sour" /high /affinity 1 "D:\Program Files (x86)\World Gone Sour\Win32\Sour_ShippingWin32.exe"

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