Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jim Power, Steam Greenlight (PC)

Jim Power was a popular action platformer released for Super Nintendo and PC back in the early 90's.  The game was being developed for the Sega Genesis however it never seen the light of day.  Somebody found a beta of the game that wasn't fully completed and it has been leaked to the web.  Only containing one playable song by Chris Hulsbeck and the game is able to be completed however it may contain bugs that might cause issues that enable you to do so.

Well its the year 2014 and Piko Interactive has some news for you.  They want to re-release Jim Power for a variety of systems.  The systems include Genesis, NES and even Steam for PC.  Also you'll be able to hear Chris Hulsbeck's full track catalog from the SNES version.  This game is right now on Greenlight for Steam which needs it votes before being released so click the link below to help get this game released on Steam.  Check out the awesome trailer for the game below

Jim Power, Steam Greenlight

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