Friday, October 24, 2014

Ford Racing 3 Hi-Res Hack (Steam)

Well its not really a hack there is a configuration file for getting Ford Racing 3 to play in higher resolutions.  Of course though in order to do this you need Administrator access for setting it up and of course you need Administrator Access to play the game as well.  But with Administrator access active it destroys access to the Steam GUI.  Of course there is some minor warnings you'll have to watch out for and that is the HUD breaks in higher resolutions it was meant to be played in 640x480 so I suppose the game hates anything higher then it.  Who cares though cause in this game you won't really need to be looking at the HUD.  I do wish there was a way to turn the HUD off but there is no option for it.

Alright so first step is locating your Ford Racing 3 folder.  So locate where you have Steam installed then open the Steam folder, locate Steam Apps, then common, then you'll see Ford Racing 3.  Open Ford Racing 3 then go to CONFIG folder.

Next your going to want to right click on syscfg.exe and click "Run as Administrator".

When it opens go to the Display tab and select your default resolution the highest is always the best.

Next go to the Detail Level tab and checkmark everything in the left column and set model detail and visual range to high.

Alright now just press okay and were off to the next and final step.  This next step of course will be using Microsoft Compatibility Toolkit so that the game can open as it would normally without any Administrator action and you can use the Steam GUI as you normally would.  

So what your going to need to do is open Microsoft Compatibility Administrator (x32). Then right click on New Database(1) [Untitled_1]* and select *Create New then Application Fix.

Type the name of the program you'll be editing, so just use Ford Racing 3.  It asks for the vendor but you can just leave that blank.  Then your going to want to search for the fr3.exe file from the Steam folder.

Once you have opened the fr3.exe file in the first window your going to want to checkmark *Run as Invoker 

Then click next and checkmark *ForceDisplayMode

Then click next and press the *Auto Generate button and a bunch of stuff will load on the screen that is fine. 

Next your going to want to *Save it and it will ask for Database Name just type in Ford Racing 3. Next your going to want to type in a name and save it to a folder of course I would just save this to the Ford Racing 3 folder. 

Next your going to want to install the configuration.   So go to file at the upper left and then select install.  

Now after that close the program, open Steam and run the game.  If you did everything correctly your game should look exactly like the screenshots below.  Don't forget the HUD is broken but everything else looks better then it did in 640x480 resolution.


  1. mods not hacks A mod.

    1. Not a mod either cause its not changing any files its just setting a compatibility setting.


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