Saturday, August 31, 2013

What you need to know about OEM Licenses

Okay I'm posting this cause I came across an issue with my OEM licenses for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Upgrade.  At first I was thinking it wouldn't be such a problem to get it reactivated for my new mobo of a different brand cause well I did pay for it.  I have also had times where I need to reactivate my games and well that was fixed.  But  for Windows no it doesn't work out that way OEM licenses are tied to the systems they are first installed on and cannot be used on other computers.  I called Microsoft plenty of times I got one person who said if you paid for the OEM license you should be able to use it on another computer.

I said it won't work and he said it will.  I said "I keep seeing I can't use it on this computer cause its being used on another computer".  He said to me again "sir it can be used on another computer if its not a Dell, HP or any other commercial brand PC.  If its custom made it will work on any PC".  I said to him again "listen it doesn't work that way it keeps telling me.....)  He hung up on me.  I call back very angry and told a new customer service representative that I was hung up on and I want to speak to a manager.  He said who was dealing with you and I said "I don't know who it was but he hung up on me".

He then asked me about my issues and directed me to Microsoft Customer Service.  I know if I go to them I will continue to have issues.  I contacted other Microsoft reps they said you can only use it on one PC.  I tried phone activating same thing it can only be used on one PC.  So folks here it is only get OEMS if you are only going to buy one PC cause it will not work on a new one that means do not get a new different brand motherboard and expect it to work.  Don't think Microsoft will help you with the issue cause it will go in one ear out the other.

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