Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DCeric Gets THE HANZO!!!!!

Thats right today I got my hands on a very special item called Hanzo.  I refer to it as The Hanzo cause it demands that sort of respect.  What this item does is allow you to play Dreamcast with a VGA cable which enhances the picture quality in 480p.  The device also allows you to play games in 480i for those games that don't support the VGA cable.  Yes that's right the only downfall to this item like all other VGA cables for the Dreamcast is there is only a select few games that don't support it.  No need to worry though cause the list of games that do support it look amazing on any LCD, LED, or Plasma screen.

This device also has a few other amazing features which include a scanline inducer which means those old fighter games that looked better on a CRT with scanlines can now look amazing on any of the new TV's that don't have scanlines.  The other features include thick or thin scanlines and a light or dark feature.  I would say thin scanlines is the best way to go and some games prefer the dark setting and look more realistic.

If you would like to learn more about Hanzo visit Register to the forums and click this link Dreamcast VGA box & Scanline generator.Here is some screens unfortunately I have to use my crappy upscaler so you'll see noise in some of the pictures and some blue dots so i'm warning you that this isn't from the Hanzo itself.

(UPDATE) They now have a website where you can purchase the product!hanzo/c1gph

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