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DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

Well I got another review here for you today this time for a gadget that would have been extremely helpful to me but it turns out it runs through the dirt.  Now what I was going to use this gadget for was to capture Dreamcast in upscaled 720p.  If you didn't know this already the Dreamcast used a VGA cable which enhanced the picture from 480i to 480p.  A lot of people probably would think to themselves "well this wouldn't do much" well your wrong cause it really does a good job on even newer High Definition tv screens.

Anyways not back on topic the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter can be used to upscale from 480p to 720p.  Not only is it good for that but you can also use it with a Hauppauge HD PVR for capturing.  That sounds great right WRONG!!!!.  So this is how you get it all connected its a simple as ever.  Connect the VGA cable to the VGA Input and use Component and Audio cables out to the Hauppauge HD PVR (or a tv without capture).  Once connected in order for you to make it work with the Hauppauge you'll have to set it to 720p by pressing the mode button on the Linkstyle HD Component to VGA Converter.

For some reason the Hauppauge will not pick up the 480p resolution and I'm not sure about the 1080i resolution so your forced to use 720p.  Next up its time to power up the Dreamcast and wait for the game to load.  Once the game is loaded you now get very angry cause the intention of using this device wasn't only so you can play games in an upscaled 720p its so you can show your Youtube viewers better quality Dreamcast videos.

So with the picture below you'll see the problem i'm having I am going to note this only once the scanlines are from the VGA Adapter I'm using for the Dreamcast not the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter.  But what you do see is noise and of course beautiful purple dots which really take your attention off the game itself.  I could put up with the noise but i won't be putting up with purple dots.  This was given to me as a gift cause I couldn't think up of anything better then making perfect quality Youtube videos and that has been destroyed.

Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter: enlarge to see the Purple dots (scanlines are from VGA Adapter)

So this was the biggest disappointment with this gadget but yet there is some more problems.  I decided to actually open the unit to see if there was an issue inside.  Funny thing is this gadget packs in a lot of heat so there has to be issues some where and that is why I got some more pictures to show you.  The VGA Input and Outputs are starting to ca-rode and even two inputs of the Component is starting to ca-rode as well.

                                                  (Ca-roded Vga Input and Output)

                                                     (Ca-roded Component Input)

So there you have it I believe this would explain my bad distaste and dislike for this horrible gadget. I actually came across the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter through a video on Youtube by Adam Koralik.  He shown how brilliantly it works and from what I seen he had no issues.  Mine could be a defected unit which of course of means you have to be really careful when purchasing this item so you don't come across the issues shown in this review.

I have spoken spoken to Adam Koralik about this item and he said he didn't see an issue with his but he highly recommended using the VGA to HDMI instead it performs much better.  I can't review that one cause I don't have it but I will be posting both his videos down below so you can see what they are both supposed to do.  But I highly recommend bypassing the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter it was a waste of money and I still don't have anything to show better quality with my Dreamcast video games :(.

                                              Adam Koralik (Linkstyle VGA to Component)

                                                      Adam Koralilk (VGA to HDMI)

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