Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dreamcast SD Adapter Compatible: Super Methane Bros.

Now available and working for Dreamcast SD Adapter Super Methane Bros.

- now with sound and music!
- added sd and vmu support for highscores
- user can now enter the name via controller pad
- added pause function
- and source code available (GPL!)
- 50/60hz, vga, 2 players

controls are quite simple:
- press A with first pad to play mode 1 player
- (press A with second pad for 2 players game)
- with Y and X, you can choose the letters of your name
- with R, you can pause the game anytime
- with L, just exit
(the entire game)
- and with B you can change the colours of your character

Primary files available at:

ISO make available at:

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