Thursday, February 28, 2019

Saito Games Fixes Update (Win 10)

First off if you haven't heard of Saito Games yet please check out they have some great games to check out.  Now that you have purchased your games you'll probably see a problem right away.  Instead of the game playing in fullscreen you see it in a window like the screenshot below.

To fix this you must have Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit you can get right here:  Make sure to check mark only the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) and ignore the rest.  Click next until the software is completely installed.

Next find Windows Kits from the start button and open the 32bit version of the application compatibility toolkit.  After that right click New Database under Custom Database and select "Create New, Application Fix".  The next part you can do on your own make a file name for the game and the author of the title click next.  Next you'll see compatibility mode at the top of the window just click next until you see compatibility fixes in the same area.  In this window select "force display mode" and "force simple window".  Click next until you see you the "final" button below. 

Next you'll be at the program window just click "save" it has a floppy disk icon at the top.  Next click "file" and then "install".  Now the game should have the fixes installed and you'll see the game run in fullscreen like in the screenshot below ignore the framerate in the upper left.

Now next up is fixing the framerate of Hopmon and Mage Bros.  All of the games available on the site are pretty old titles and were meant to be run on older systems.  So the issues with some games is slow game play do to low framerate issues.  Now thankfully there is a fix for that and pretty much the update to this overall fix.  So if you find your game running slow all you have to do is install dgvoodoo2.  Grab dgvoodoo 2 from and install the latest version.

Next up open the compressed file its located in and drag the files from the "MS" folder to the root of the game that needs the fix.  Then in the root of that zip grab the dgvoodoo.cfg and the dgvoodooCPL.exe and again put it in the root of the game.  It should look like this:

Next up open the program and select the following features (Note: selecting 1920x1080 may not do anything but select it anyway cause it doesn't hurt)

Next select the DirectX tab cause we won't be using Glide.


Apply and done.

Next up is a screenshot of before using dgvoodoo2 the framerate is really slow as seen in the upper right its about 12.  It stays like that until you use the dgvoodoo2 fix.  


So with the dgvoodoo2 fix you can see the game now playing at a proper more playable framerate as seen in the upper right its at 60.

Well there you go your favorite games from Saito Games are now fully playable on Windows 10 and this may work with other versions of Windows as well.

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