Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter F5D8053 (Windows 8 and 10 fix)

I'm just going to leave you a few links on how to get this Wireless USB adapter to work with your Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.  I didn't find much information regarding this fix for Windows 10 and there is a few links out there that will show you how to get these files for Windows 8.  I feel its always important to get this information on more sites as possible which is why i'm sharing these today.

I'd like to thank whoever made the fix and drivers in which I don't know who they are but when times comes I'll add their names here.  I bought the adapter for my mother knowing that I might come across an issue trying to get it to work on her Windows 10 x64 based system.  I found these files on a website in which I can't even remember where from and it made it work on her system.

First you are going to want to download and read the faq in which was not created by me.  It can be downloaded here:

Next your going to want the drivers in which are associated with that faq and are the only ones that will work with it.  You can  grab the files here:

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