Friday, February 26, 2016

Sega Rally Revo Fix PC (Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10)

Well I'm sure you all know by now Microsoft released a patch to remove DRM CD/DVD checks.  Now of course if you seen my last video you are aware that it will render some games unplayable.

Of course when you come to my blog you know that I always have a fix.  For Sega Rally Revo yes your going to need some No CD patches but of course I can't give you a link to them cause I do not promote piracy.

However I may also warn you that most if not all sites that host these sort of patches may come with security risks and could give you a virus and I do not hold any responsibility if this does anything to your computer.  I think there is only one No CD Patch available on the web and I can't even give the name to that cause again it kind of promotes piracy... so your on your own there.

Once you find the No CD patch your going to want to paste them into your root Sega Rally Revo folder.  Now like I said there may only be one patch available on the net and if I am correct its the European version.  That isn't at all bad it is compatible with the American version of Sega Rally Revo but your going to have to make a very small adjustment for it to work and we will get to that a bit later.

First were going to want to edit the names of the current patches so it works with the Sega Rally Launcher.  Rename the following Sega Rally.exe to Sega Rally Revo.exe and Sega Rally_SSE1.exe to Sega Rally Revo_SSE1.exe.  Now the launcher will open the game except you'll notice the game playing in a lower resolution.  As I said earlier we have to make a small adjustment and that will allow you to play in higher resolutions.

It should look like this 

The European version of Sega Rally Revo is actually called Sega Rally.  Very simplistic but hey at least its keeping to the formula.  So we have to fix the save folder in the documents folder.  Your going to want to rename the folder Sega Rally Revo to Sega Rally.  That is all you have to do then everything shall work out of the book and you'll be able to play your game.

Its actually quite funny how I figured it out cause I own a copy of Sega Rally 95 for PC and it created a Sega Rally save folder in the documents.  I kind of figured Sega Rally Revo was reading off that hense the games name being Sega Rally in Europe.   Well anyways I hope you had a good read and enjoyed this tutorial and now enjoying Sega Rally Revo on your PC.  I am very upset with Microsoft for removing the DRM from Windows but hey if there is a fix there is a way and this is it.

(UPDATE) If the config program doesn't setup your resolution you may have to edit the config file manually.  The config file is placed: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\SEGA Rally\Saved Games.
Edit the following lines HorizontalResolution=1920


  1. Your welcome I may have to edit this if it didn't exactly work. I found out after that I may have to edit the config file within the Sega Rally save folder in documents manually.

  2. I can confirm it works on W10 Anniversary as well - I found I needed to launch the game executable first, then the launcher was able to find it.

  3. Replies
    1. Keep trying it works for me and others. Remember it may work differently depending on what version your using and follow the important steps. Good luck