Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Screenshots (PC)

Some new screenshots of the very first game I got for my first computer I ever owned. Back in 2005 I bought a refurbished piece of crap HP computer that at the time had what was to become the next gen processors a Pentium 4 HT. Of course the HT went out in a few months came along a dual core. That computer died not quite sure what happened could have been cause of the power supply and what I believe a high powered video card.

Well during the time of that computer I bought the Need For Speed Collection for PC which came with Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit, Need For Speed Porsche Challenge, Need for Speed High Stakes, Need For Speed Underground and of course Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The very first game I played was Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

Its a great game with some horrible flaws. Hot Pursuit 2 was released on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and of course PC. The best version of the game was released on PS2 and the rest got horrible ports and were developed by a different developer. The issues for the Xbox, Game Cube and PC versions was that they didn't look as good and I believe played a lot different.

The worse part of the PC version was it didn't get optimized so it had bad stuttering issues and lag. Is it playable yes if you can ignore the stuttering and lag. Also another issue with the PC version is that it didn't support widescreen unless you edited its display settings which of course isn't easy for beginners.

You can view more screenshots here:

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