Saturday, October 9, 2021

DCeric Productions: Flea! Preview for the Sega Dreamcast

In this video I show you guys Flea! for the Sega Dreamcast.  This game was made with NES Maker for the Nintendo Entertainment system.  The game was then ported to Dreamcast, Evercade and on PC via Steam and Itch.  This game is highly addictive and I do hope it gets ported to current systems.  On the Dreamcast CD-Rom contains the rom to play the game on an emulator and the image used for the VMU.

You can get the game for Dreamcast and NES at the following link:

If interested in making NES games you can grab NES Maker from:

You can get the game for PC via the links below for Steam or Itch.

For more information on the Evercade release and where to purchase check this link:

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