Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Random Game Selector: Arcade Moonlander

So this is the first episode of The Random Game Selector series.  The name may change at some point if somebody can give me a good name.  I was thinking of using Fortune Cookie or include the Backloggery name as well however not sure if that'll create a copyright.  So far now its what it is until somebody can think of a unique name.

So in this first video using the Fortune Cookie feature on Backloggery I got Arcade Moonlander available on Steam developed by Daniel Paul Griffin and published by Back Of Nowhere Studios.  So I show some game play as well as information about the game.  

After doing this I thought this would make for some great videos in the future.  I will also be going forward using the Fortune Cookie method via video and get ready for the next game to put forward.

If you want the world to see what you own you can put your collection up on Backloggery and also use the cool Fortune Cookie feature. 

Backloggery is a account based website and you can visit here:

If you're interested in buying this game it can be purchased here:

Sorry if there was any issues with the mic I think I know what the issue was and that should be fixed next video :).

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