Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Vegas Pro 14 Black Screen Fix (PC)

So today I decided to open up Magix Vegas Pro 14 and seen that I can't preview my work in the small screen in the upper right.  Yeah its black and for some reason won't display.  Found out it had something to do with the video driver and there is a simple fix that worked for me.

Anyways lets open up Vegas Pro 14 and select preferences under options.

Now click on the video tab

Now to the right of GPU acceleration of video processing select Off and restart

Now once you restart you'll notice you have the preview back. This will slow things down and for some the next step may or may not work so you can stick without having GPU acceleration or skip ahead and read the preview for another possible solution.  Anyways what we want to do next is open the preferences again go to video tab and select the video card again for GPU Acceleration.  For me the card will be the Geforce GTX 770 but for you it maybe different.

Click ok and restart. Now for most this may work and for those who couldn't get it to work try rolling back your drivers.  The issue maybe that installing new drivers will cause this problem so you might have to do this for each new driver installed.

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