Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Turning off Vertical Sync for RetroPie (Input Lag Fix)

For those of you who have a Raspberry Pi Zero or regular Raspberry Pi this maybe of help to you.  I am unsure if there is any issues with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 with input lag however there is a lot of lag on the older versions.  I found that if turning off vertical sync you will get a better button response and games are a lot more playable.

So to begin make sure you have SAMBA setup or are using SH.  For this I am using SAMBA so if your an SH user then this maybe not of any help to you unless you already know what to do.

Anyways from Windows open RetropPie from a windows explorer going to network and click on the RetroPie icon that should be there if you have a network connection setup.  Put in your username which is "Pi" without quotes and password "raspberry" again without quotes.

Now you should see folders and were going to want to open "\\RETROPIE\configs\all".  Then your going to want to open retroarch.cfg with Notepad++ and do not edit with Windows Notepad.  You can grab Notepad++ from

Now that you installed Notepad++ and have retroarch.cfg  opened your going to want to find line "163".  There you will find vertical_sync = true and were going to want to change that to false.  Once you have done that click the floppy icon to save and close Notepad++.

You have now disabled vertical sync within RetroPie and do note that you may see some tiny but very unnoticeable screen tearing it's not even a bother for a lot of the games I've played.  So now that you have done this enjoy playing your games the way they were meant to be.

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