Thursday, March 2, 2017

Diner Dash 2 (How to run on Windows 10)

I got Diner Dash 2 for PC with Sega Rally Revo through a sale on ebay.  I decided to give this game a try and low and behold the same problem as most old games it has issues running.  The game has graphical glitches as well as random crashes.

Of course today I have a fix for you so you can play this game on Windows 10.  This fix may work on other Windows Operating Systems that support Windows Kits with Windows Compatibility Toolkit.

So in order for you to run Windows Compatibility Toolkit you'll need to download the latest ADK Package 1607.  Once you have downloaded it get the Application Compatibility Toolkit and uncheck everything else cause you won't be needing those.

Download available at:

And now we start the tutorial:

First off your going to need to open the 32 bit version of Compatibility Administrator under Windows Kits.

Next right click New Database(1) under custom databases and create new

Next your going to want to fill in the information for the game which is pretty obvious if you know what your doing.

Now follow these screenshots for the following compatibility options I chose that I believe work best for the game.

First page enable the following then press next when completed:

[UPDATED] Thanks to the anonymous user

Second page enable the following:

and enable this final fix on the second page then press next when finished:

Next click Auto Generate circled in the screenshot below then press finish:

Then click the save button circled in the screenshot below put the name of the game in and next save the file in the games main folder and again name it after the game:

Next click file and install as highlighted in the screenshot below:

If you followed the instructions properly the game should load without a hitch and no longer have graphical glitches or even crash.  Enjoy your game!


  1. Thanks for the help - it plays without graphical glitches or crashing now, but I have no sound anymore. Any idea for that?

    1. Not quite sure possibly that problem could exist for me as well but I'll test to see if that is an issue.

    2. Had the same problem and fixed it by ONLY selecting Disable8And16BitD3D,
      Disable8And16BitModes, FixDisplayChangeRefreshRate in the first window and nothing else in the other windows. Works like a charm now (Windows 10 Pro x64)

    3. Thanks it has been updated I don't know if the problem was cause of an earlier version of Windows 10 or not but what you have said has fixed the problem and has been added to the FAQ with thanks who ever you are.

  2. Followed everything and still can't get it to work...the game functions as well as the sound but when my mouse hovers over any part of the game, it like pixels the background out as it follows the mouse and causes the background to become glitchy.

    1. I don't know sometimes the program may not work however I could help you remotely if you want. Add Zombieric to Skype if you have it or

  3. Does this fix work for other games? I bought Fitness Dash on Steam and it has the graphical glitch with the cursor and I also randomly crashed mid-level.

    1. You could try it and see if it does cause i am not sure.

    2. Didn't work for me unfortunately, even made sure to stick it in the steamapps > common > Fitness Dash; where the executable is. Damn.

  4. Nice, thx. This is a childhood game of mine and I was sad when it kept crashing, now it works great! This was a very easy tutorial. Although I would make it a bit clearer at the start now that it is updated and things have changed. But otherwise I love your solution. THANKS!