Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saito Games Re-releases Troy Compatible with Windows (PC)

I have been a big fan of Saito Games for quite sometime.  They make some great games but it all started with Troy which was originally released for DOS.  At this point of time it can be run on Dosbox but that means fooling around with commands.  So I thought I'd help out Saito Games and re-release the game as a single Dosbox game pack.  This means it comes with its own icon and as soon as you click on it the game will start.

I also made it so the game uses the Xbox 360 however I had issues getting the d-pad to work but it works really well with the Joystick. The game is compatible with all versions of Windows and should work on any screen and by default in "Widescreen".  So the game feels kind of like it has been remastered cause it used to play in a 4:3.  A lot of people would say it sucks to play games in a stretched in Widescreen however the options that were given to me to do this make it feel and look great without it giving that nasty stretched look.

You can grab the game at the follow link:

Same great game without the need of using commands with its own icon, compatible with the Xbox 360 controller, and compatible with any screen in Widescreen format,

I also did a review for the game and you can check it out below


  1. This looks like a cool game. It amazes me how many DOS games are out there. Been playing DOS games since I was a kid, and I still find always new games. Computer gaming is cool because it allowed theoretically anyone to make a game. Great vid man.

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed it I've been gaming for years and when I was younger the only time I gamed on PC was in school or families houses. I didn't have computer up until the later 90's with Windows 98 on a old Compaq PC. However it wasn't until the early 2000's I got that an old DOS machine and played everything on it.


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