Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Donate a Fund to Elysian Shadows Kickstarter

If you didn't know this already a team by the name of Elysian Shadows also the developer of the game of the same name is holding a Kickstarter.  Its the final week and they are at $112,163 of $150,00.  If don't know much about the game I can give you some information but you'll really have to check out their Kickstarter and visit their Youtube to check out the development and information about Elysian Shadows.

The game is a RPG with classic 2D and 3D elements.  Whats amazing and unique to Elysian Shadows is its amazing Lighting Effects which can create amazing shadows and give the 2D textures a 3D effect.  Well that is pretty much all I can give you for information please visit the links below and don't forget to add your donation.



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