Friday, July 11, 2014

Crimzon Clover (SHMUP, 2014)

Well lately I have been getting into SHMUPS to make use of my awesome TATE screen.  Its the only way to really enjoy SHMUPS and bring back those memories of playing the SHMUPS genre at the Arcades. Well this is Crimzon Clover World Ignition and you'll feel right at home with it.  Yes its a bullet hell game but this is one of those games that even beginners can enjoy.  The game also features 2 player local play.  The game just got a recent update that fixed its issues with setting resolutions in fullscreen.  The game can now be played in full screen Tate for those who have had the issues.  The above video doesn't show the full frame.

You can grab the game for $9.99 at:    
You can get the soundtrack for 4.99 at:

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