Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Microsoft's Horrible Payment System

Microsoft has really gotta fix there payment features for both Xbox 360 and Windows 8 seriously. So on Windows 8 if you have a credit card or Visa Vanilla Card that fails to make the payment Windows 8 ignores that it failed and gives you the game or app. Now that sounds cool right..... WRONG!!! cause your account still says you have to pay for the item. Microsoft gives about 10 days to make a new payment with another option. 

If all fails your account will be banned from Live services. Its not a big problem for how much is being spent but usually when a payment fails you don't instantly get the app or game from other sites like Steam. You usually get a nice warning telling you that you don't have money on the card and the transaction won't go through and you won't get the item.

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