Friday, November 25, 2011

The DCeric Show: Episode 7

Hello and welcome back to another blog post for The DCeric Show.  In this episode of The DCeric Show we go back to 1994 with Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo.  Also Gameplay has now been implemented into the show to give new and old gamers something new.

Gameplay will mostly be of newer games that i enjoy that you may buy if you enjoy what you see.  This was done so i dont single out new gamers and they get a sneak peek of new games they never heard of and games they want to check out before they buy.

So on this episode i decided to do Donkey Kong Country and the reason being is its one of my all time fav games.  I had the Nintendo i loved it to death then i got the Super Nintendo and it came with Super Mario All-Stars but when Donkey Kong Country was released you couldnt keep me away from the system.

I'd play the game with my mother, my cousins and my brother and sister.  We all enjoyed the game and had a blast playing it.  I also remember having a tough time beating this level where you had to jump up to barrels that have the words stop on them to stop enemies from walking back and forth and these were enemies you cant jump on with either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong.  Eventually i just found out you jump to the boxes and keep moving as fast as you can and you can beat the level.

At first when i was a kid like all kids thought this game was tough as you get older these types of games become easier or its maybe because i played and beat this game so many times and that tells you how much i enjoyed this game.

Fun little characters beautiful colors and excellent well designed levels created a great game that everyone would enjoy.  There were so many reasons to enjoy this game not only cause of that other stuff. The mini games kept things fun and kept you thinking about what you need to do to get that extra man kind of like playing a board game on your tv screen.  Those were the reasons why people kept coming back to play as they wanted to see what the next bonus level would award them.

Well i wouldnt say it was just cause of that but you also wanted to check out all the bosses in the game and what the rest of the levels had to offer and also complete the game to see what happens.  Id play it at home and when ever i'd go to my cousins i'd play it there but it really did bring the family together aswell.  The great thing about this game is that even though it was good back then today its still one of the great games Nintendo has ever made.

Well i really enjoyed that game but there is another game i am currently enjoy and trying to beat.  This is an indie game made by Pixeltao the same company that made the freeware game Ninja Senki available for the PC.  Well Wizorb is a very strange game indeed but strange always makes a great game and what we have here is a block breaking role playing game.  Yeah i am not just saying this it is exactly what i just said.

The game takes ideas from Zelda and throws it right into an Arkanoid type of game.  Collect magic and you can blow wind so your ball can hit that block that you cant get to or use the fireballs to destroy the blocks but of course becareful cause that magic does waste.  Through out the game there is so many things to collect like coins, jewels, magic bottles, hearts and other great weapons that'll do something for your character whether its giving you an extra life or making your paddle larger so you dont miss the balls.

The game also includes bosses that add to the strategy of the game which really makes it even more fun.  The game includes a map so you can select your levels to play and you can also select your homeland which again is similar to Zelda where you can walk around and talk to any characters on the screen.  The main thing in this game is to collect enough money to repair the village which can easily be done by selecting a level and playing the game.

I've found this game pretty fun but i am finding that the easy difficulty might not be my thing as you see the same enemy characters on the screen depending on the location you are in the game and you battle so many levels in that location that it feels repetitive.  None the less i do feel its a great game and you will go back to it so you see what happens at the end of the game and the mini games always bring you back for more fun.

Thanks for reading as always check out the video for more information on the games as you get a more indepth experience featuring game play of the games and some information that may not be in this blog.  If you enjoy this blog and my videos please subscribe and leave a comment on how you enjoyed or disliked my writing or my videos.  Thanks for reading/watching and i hope you come back to see what i have next for you.



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